some bibliographical informations about "The Garden in the Machine":

Claus Emmeche (1994):The garden in the machine. The emerging science of artificial life.
Princeton: Princeton University Press.

What is life? Is it just the biologically familiar--birds, trees, snails, people--or is it an infinitely complex of patterns that a computer could simulate? The book outlines many of the challenges and controversies involved in the dynamic and curious science of artifical life, touching on many aspect of this complex and rapidly developing discipline.

More information about the English edition here.

The book is a translation by Steven Sampson of a Danish introduction to Artificial Life:

Claus Emmeche (1991):Det levende spil: Biologisk form og kunstigt liv.
København: Munksgaard (serien Nysyn).

It has also appeared in other translations:

- in German:

(1994):Das lebende Spiel: Wie die Natur Formen Erzeugt (Aus dem Dänischen von Regine Elsässer)
Reinbek bei Hamburg: Rowolt Taschenbuch Verlag.

- in Finnish:

(1995): Tekoelämä. (Suomentanut Kimmo Pietiläinen).
Art House.
(Description in Finnish of the book here).

- in Italian:

(1996): Il giardino nella macchina. La nouva scienza della vita artificiale. (Traduzione di Simonetta Frediani)
Torino: Bollati Boringhieri.

- in Spanish:

(1998):Vida Simulada en el Ordenador. La ciencia naciente de la vida artificial. (Traducción: Carlos de la Reta)
Barcelona: Editorial Gedisa.
[Description of the book in Spanish here. Email:]

- in Japanese:

(1998): [picture of front cover: click here] (translated by Osamu Sakura)
Tokyo: Sangyo Tosho Publishing Company.
[ISBN 4-7828-0118-1 C1040]

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