Gatherings in Biosemiotics 2

Program - Abstracts

June 14–17 2002, Tartu–Puhtu–Tallinn, Estonia


June 13


June 14


University History Museum (Toome Hill)


11.00                        Registration desk opened


12.00                        Opening, forewords

                        M.Anderson, M.Lotman, C.Emmeche, K.Kull


12.40                        Jesper Hoffmeyer - Scitoi mesoib - or why the genome is so small


13.10                        Coffee break


13.30                        Marcello Barbieri - Organic codes: metaphors or realities?

14.15                        Anton Markos & Fatima Cvrckova - Who is the addressee of the genetic text


15.00                        Lunch


16.00                        Stefan Artmann - Four principles of Jacobian biopragmatic

16.30                        Stephen Pain - Introduction to biorhetorics: applied rhetoric in the life sciences


17.00                        Coffee break


17.15                        Frederik Stjernfelt – The core hypotheses of biosemiotics

17.45                        Kalevi Kull – Biosemiosis: A search for other

18.15                        Discussion: Organic codes and first principles of biosemiotics


20.30                        Garden party: Karl Ernst von Baer House (Veski Str. 4)


June 15


9.00                        Wolfgang Hofkirchner - The differentia specifica of biosemiosis in the perspective of a theory of evolutionary systems

9.30                        Yagmur Denizhan & Candas Sert - In search of a reconciliation between semiotics, thermodynamics and metasystem transition theory

10.00                        John Collier - Information expression requires cohesive levels


10.30                        Coffee break


11.00                        Claus Emmeche - Biosemiotics and experiential biology

11.30                        Tom Ziemke - Affordance vs. functional tone: a comparison of Gibson's and von Uexküll's theories


12.00                        Coffee break


12.30                        Donald Favareau - Collapsing the wave function of meaning: the contextualizing resources of talk-in-interaction

13.00                        Toshiyuki Nakajima – Construction of umwelt to control probabilities of events in living


13.45                        Lunch


15.00                        Tommi Vehkavaara – An outline of basic semiotic concepts for bio- and robosemiotics and the emergence of umwelt

15.30                        Mark Reybrouck - A biosemiotic approach to music cognition: event perception between auditory listening and cognitive economy


16.00                        Coffee break


16.15                        Andres Luure - The role of relations in semiotics

16.45                        Sergey Chebanov - Bilateral biosemiotics: a problem of sense on a super-triplet level


17.15                        Coffee break


17.30                        Elisabeth Johansson - Biosemiotic perspectives in gasflux models

18.00                        Christophe Menant - From biosemiotics to semiotics

18.30                        Discussion: Formalisation in biosemiotics


20.30                        Evening snacks and drinks (Tammekuru Str. 5)




June 16


9.00                        Edwina Taborsky - A pansemiotic architecture

9.30                        Soren Brier - Biosemiotics and the Third Culture


10.00                        Coffee break


10.15                        Luis Bruni - The global phenotype

10.45                        Alexander Sedov - Sustainability during development depends on the types of part-whole interactions: logical comparisons of biological systems of various structural levels


11.15                        Coffee break


11.30                        Myrdene Anderson - Neoteny and its role in taming and domestication

12.00                        Mette Böll - The evolution of empathy in social systems


12.30                        Coffee break


12.45                        Domonique Lestel - On the expression of negation among animals

13.15                        Gottfried Suessenbacher - Mythology and evolutionary psychology: on the relevance of prehistoric fire usage for the evolution of human culture, consciousness and language


14.00                        Lunch


15.00                        Aleksei Turovski - The signs of bizarre characteristics in the semiometabolism of animal associations

15.30                        Timo Maran – Mimicry and mimesis in the bio-semiosphere


16.00                        Coffee break


16.15                        Mark Vian - Biotic integrity, ecosemiotic archetypes, and the boundary of self: Some thoughts on the intentional coupling of human and non-human semiotics

16.45                        Morten Tönnessen – Umwelt ethics


17.15                        Coffee break


17.30                        Tiberiu G. Mustata – The semiotic substance of homeopathy

18.00                        General discussion: Experimental use of biosemiotics


20.30                        Evening tea (Tammekuru Str. 5)


June 17



7.30                        Departure to Puhtu

11.00                        Arrival to Puhtu, coffee

11.40                        K.Kull – Genius loci

12.00                        Sune Frolund – Teleology and the ‘natural history of signification’: the implications of Hans Jonas’ bioontology for biosemiotics

12.30                        Torsten Rüting – A project to establish the Jakob-von-Uexküll-Archiv at the University of Hamburg

13.00                        Ester Võsu – How to stage nature


14.00                        Lunch in Puhtu


15.00                        Laelatu walk

16.00                        Departure to Tallinn


18.00                        Arrival to Hotel Mihkli in Tallinn

19.30                        Dinner in Tallinn Zoo

20.30                        Aleksei Turovski - The zoo as a field of reestablishing semiotic boundaries

22.30                        Closing event

24.00                        Finish


June 18

Departure from Tallinn



Note: The length of each paper will be 20 minutes, plus 10 minutes for discussion.