Thursday July 1


12.00 Registration 17.00 Opening (A. Markoπ)

17.30 ZdenÏk Neubauer: The Scandalness of Novelty


18.30 Welcome toast


Friday July 2 morning


9.00 -13.00: Methods and methodology

Chair: Tommi Vehkavaara


9.00 Tommi Vehkavaara: From the motives and methods of biosemiotics to experiential existential naturalism

9.35 Ulrich Krohs: Why semiotic models may have explanatory power in biology - and why economic metaphors may not

10.00 Edwina Taborsky: The Interface as the Key Nodal Site of a Dynamic Semiosis


10.25 Coffee break


10.40 Myrdene Anderson: The who, what, when, where, why, and how of "violence"

11.30 Georg T^pfer: The concept of sign and the concept of function: similarities and differences


11.55 Coffee break


12.10 Toshiyuki Nakajima: Internal entropy and Survivability of Living Systems 1

12.35 Andres Luure: Functions and roles in biosemiotics


Friday July 2 afternoon


15.00 - 19.00: Past and future

Chair: Torsten R,ting


Starting from Uexk,ll

15.00 Torsten R,ting: History of Biology and Uexk,ll's Biology as Ethics for Investigators of Life

15.25 Han-liang Chang: The "Philological Understanding" of Jakob von Uexk,ll

15.40 Discussion


15.50 Coffee break


Along historical paths

16.05 Jui-Pi Chien: Baron Uexk,ll's French Connections - Georges Canguilhem, etc.

16.20 Mads Vestergaard: Life, difference and biosemiotics (Henri Bergson)

16.35 Discussion


17.05 Coffee break


To future Projects

17.20 Kalevi Kull: Biology of Sympathy

17.35 Andreas Weber: The Wake of Consilience Produces Monsters. Evolutionary Psychology, Social Construction, and a Biosemiotic Proposal for Symmetry

17.50 João Queiroz & Charbel Niño El-Hani: On the emergence of semiosis: toward a multi-level hierarchical approach

18.05 Kaie Kotov: Media and the human Umwelt: Where does cultural semiotics stand?

18.20 Jose Wagner Garcia, Fernando Pellon de Miranda, COGNITUS Project


18.35 Discussion


Saturday July 3 morning


9.00 - 12.00 Life as a dialogue with the world

Chair: Aleksei Turovski


09:00 Aleksei Turovski" The signs as arguments in Dialogical network of Animals Associations 09:45 Mette B^ll: Social is Emotional

10:05 Tobias Cheung: Merleau-Ponty and The Primacy of Perception

10:25 Stephen Pain: Ants in the Pants of the Cognitive Scientist: Biorethorics and Ants


10:45 Coffee break


11:00 Dario Martinelli: A Whale of a Sonata. Organisation and form in Zoomusicological Structures

11:20 João Queiroz et al.: The Emergence of referential symbolic process in non-human Primates: a Semiotic analysis based on C.S.Peirce's extended theory of Sign

11.40 Cornelius Steckner: Environmental misfit in vision and grasp

Film: "Life as a dialogue with the world"


Saturday July 3 afternoon


14.00 Semiotics of the countryside; "ecosemiotics"

Excursion to the outskirts of Prague, ending with a dinner - with 1-2 lectures and a discussion in the pub.

Guides: Ivan Hor⋅Ëek and V⋅clav CÌlek

Sunday July 4 morning


9.00 - 13.00: Information and meaning in biology

Mini-symposium acknowledging 100th anniversary from the birth of Gregory Bateson. Chair: Peter Harries-Jones


9.00 Peter Harries-Jones: Gregory Bateson, Abduction, and Ecosystem Communication

9.35 Don Favareau: Making the differences that make a difference: The evolutionary and ontogenetic creation of iconicity Discussion


10.00 Coffee break


10.15 Charbel Niño El-Hani & Claus Emmeche: A biosemiotic analysis of the gene concept Discussion

10.45 Jesper Hoffmeyer: From Things to Relations

11.15 Søren Brier: What is the pattern that connects? Bateson in Cybersemiotic perspective Discussion.


Sunday July 4 afternoon


15.00 - 19.00: Organism and ontogeny

Chair: Lenny Moss


15:00 L. Moss 15:30 Andreas Weber: Molecular intentionality: Robust embryological networks and "autonomous agents"

15:55 M. Mia Krause, Ala Trusina and Kim Sneppen: Adaptation, differentiation and aging modeled as a dynamical network process


16:15 Coffee break


16:30 Alexei A. Oskolski: Narrative on "biological sense": an actant model

16:55 Thierry Bardini: Mapping Metaphors of Junk DNA

17:20 Karel Kleisner: GENES - MEMES - SEMES. Towards the new concept of mimicry


17:45 Coffee break


18:00 Ji=Ì Neustupa: Geometric morphometrics - a promise of structuralistic morphology for the science of life

18:20 Luis Emilio Bruni: Signal transduction and categorial perception

18:40 - 19:00 M. Mehmet Ozansoy, Yagmur Denizhan: Disease as Semiotic Misinterpretation. A Model Study: Parkinson's Disease


Monday July 5 morning


9.00 - 13.00: Information and ontogeny

Chair: Marcello Barbieri


9.00 Marcello Barbieri: Steps in the history of life. Information, meaning, interpretation and signs 9.35 Fatima CvrËkov⋅, Anton Markoπ: Beyond bioinformatics: can similarity be measured objectively in the digital world?

10.00 Alexei Sharov: Why biosemiotic systems are hierarchical?


10.25 Coffee break


10.40 Almo Farina: Eco-field versus habitat: Shifting a paradigm in developing a cognitive ecology

11.05 Olaf Breidbach: Internal Representations - A Prelude for Neurosemantics

11.30 Vefa Karatay, Yagmur Denizhan: Semiotics of individuation and individuation of signs


11.55 Coffee break


12.10 Wolfgang Hofkirchner: Cognition, communication, and co-operation in living systems 12.35 G,nther Witzany: From biosphere to semiosphere to social lifeworlds. Biology as hermeneutical social science


Monday July 5 afternoon


15.00 - 18.00 Agora - discussion forum