Professor, Dr. Sc., Niels Bohr Institute, Univ of Copenhagen.

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Biographical data:

Born:                                      November 1954 in Hørsholm,  Denmark.

Nationality:                           Danish.

Marital status:                       Married to school director Janne Gaardhøje since 1979.

Children:                               Jacob (23), Johan(20) and Jesper (12).



Dr. Scient.             1993        Faculty of Natural Science, University of Copenhagen,


Cand. Scient.         1980        Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen,                                                   Denmark.

(Ms. Sc.)                               Physics and Astronomy, specialization in experimental                                                nuclear physics

Baccalaureat C      1972.       Lyçee Français Charles Lepierre, Lisbon, Portugal,                                                section C(Ma&Ph).


Languages spoken:

                                               Fluent:     Danish, French, English, Portuguese

                                               Conversant: Italian, Spanish, German


Research Interests:            Experimental nuclear physics,  Relativistic Heavy  Ion                                                Reactions,

                                               quark deconfinement, Quark Gluon Plasma, Big Bang                                                cosmology,.hadronic physics, collective motion in                                                atomic nuclei, nuclear gamma ray spectroscopy,

                                               giant resonances, complex and fast-timing coincidence

                               techniques for particle and gamma ray detection.


Employment History:

Since 2004.                           Tenured full professor at the Niels Bohr Institute.

1994 - 2004.                          Tenured assoc professor (lektor), Niels  Bohr Institute.

1991 - 1994                         Research associate professor (forskningslektor)

                                              at the Niels Bohr Institute.

1985 - 1991.                          Research associate professor  (forskningslektor),                                                  Carlsberg Foundation.

1983 - 1985.                          Senior research associate, Danish Natural Science                                                Research Council.

1981 - 1983.                          Research associate under the Faculty of  Natural Science                                                of the University of Copenhagen.

1974 - 1981.                          Teacher at high school level (adult ed.).         

                                               From 1976, as assistant professor.


Professional appointments:

Since 2004                            Member of UNESCO’s scientific board of the                                                      International Basic Science Programme (IBSP),

                                               Paris, France

Jan. 2004                               Member DOE review panel of National Labs,                                                      Washington, USA.

2003-2005                             Chair of the Faculty for the Niels Bohr Institute. 

Since 2003                            Member of scientific advisory board, SUBATECH,                                                Ecole Normale Supérieure des Mines, Nantes, France.

Since 2003                            Associate Editor of  ‘Nuclear Physics A’, Elsevier                                                Publishing Co., NL.

Since 2002                            Director of the ‘International Ph. D. School of                                                      Excellence in Physics, Danish Research Council (FUR)

Since 2002                            Co-director of the  Giessen-Copenhagen European                                                Graduate College.

Since 2002                            Member of the UNGASS (United Nations General                                                Assembly Special Session), World Summit on                                                     Sustainable Development (WSSD), Johannesburg, 2002.                                                Danish Foreign Ministry.

Since 2000                            Project leader of the Forward Multiplicity Detector                                                project at the

                               ALICE detector project at the Large Hadron Collider                                (LHC),CERN, Geneva, CH.

Since 1999                            Member, technical board for the ALICE project at LHC,                                                CERN, CH.

1998-2002                             Director of the Ph. D. school of physics of the Niels                                                Bohr Institute.f.AFG.

1998-2002                             Member of the Ph. D. council of the Faculty of Natural                                                Science of the University of Copenhagen.

Since 1998                            President Science Committee, UNESCO.

Since 1998                            Member, Executive Board of the Danish UNESCO                                                National Commission.

Since 1998                            Member, Danish National Commission for UNESCO.                                                Ministry of Educat.

Since 1997                            Deputy Spokesman of the BRAHMS experiment at  the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) project, Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA.

1997-2000                           Member of the Nuclear and Particle Physics Committee of the Royal Swedish Natural Science Research Council (NFR).

Since 1996                            Danish representative in the ‘Collaboration Board’  and                                    ‘Finance board’ of the joint European ALICE detector                                    project at CERN, Geneva, CH.

Since 1995                            Group leader, Relativistic Heavy Ion Group, Niels Bohr                                                Institute.

Since 1995                            Member of the National Physics Censorship Corps for advanced education in Denmark.

1988-1993                           Member of the Scientific Program Committee at the SARA cyclotron facility, Institut des Sciences Nucleaires de Grenoble, France.

1987-1994.                            Spokesperson  for the international HECTOR                                                      collaboration (Denmark,Italy, Poland, Netherlands).

1985-1992.                            Member of the executive board of the Danish Physical

                                               Society, section for nuclear and particle physics.


Stays Abroad:

1980-2005:                            Numerous extended visits at: CERN (CH),                                                            Brookhaven National Laboratory (USA),

                                               Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory (USA), Oak Ridge

                                               National Laboratory(USA), Stony Brook University                                                (USA), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA),                                                Institut des Sciences Nucleaires de Grenoble (F),

                                               Ganil (F), CNRS Strasbourg (F), Daresbury    Laboratory                                                (UK).

1984.                                      Visiting scientist at the State University of New York at

                                               Stony Brook, NY, USA.

1956-1972                             Resident in Lisboa, Portugal.


Professional membership:

Since 1997:                           Danish Academy of Natural Science (DNA)

Since 1980:                           Danish Physical Society (DFS)

Since 1980:                           European Physical Society (EPS)


Awards and grants:          Carlsberg Foundation Associate Research Professor.

                                               Numerous grants from Danish Natural Science Research                                                Council, Carlsberg Foundation, Danish Research                                                Academy, various Danish private foundations                                                      (Augustinus Fonden, Knud Højgaards fond, Otto                                                Mønsteds fond, Consul Jorck og       Hustru’s fond etc..),                                                DANIDA, UNESCO participation    funds, Danish                                                Ministry of Research, Danish Ministry of       Education,                                                FUR..

                                               Elected Fellow of the Danish Academy of Natural                                                Science.


Scientific papers:               More than 180 scientific papers in international

                                                scientific literature.


Books:                                   3 books edited.


Talks:                                    Over 100 invited talks and lectures at international                                                conferences and foreign research institutions.

                                               Organizer of several international conferences in nuclear                                                physics, general physics and science in society.


Popularization:                   Numerous appearances in Danish and International TV                                                and radio channels

                               (DR1, DR2, TV2, CNN, Radio Europe etc..). Public                                lectures. Popular articles.

                                               Member of PR committee, Faculty of Natural Science,

                                               Univ. Copenhagen (1993-1998).


Other activities:                   Chair of Danish National Committee for International

                                               Physics year 2005. Member of org. committee for the

                                                International Nuclear Physics Conference

                                               (INPC2004) Gøteborg, Sweden. Chair.

                                               Member of Intl. Adv. Bd. of  the Intl.Quark Matter conf.                                                2002, 2005, 2006;

                                               Nordic Intl. Meeting on Nuclear Physics 2003 etc..

                                               Member of the ‘Ove Nathan Memorial lectures’                                                  committee, Politikens fond

                                               and NBI (Science and Society).

                                               1998 and 2005: Chairman of UNESCO Niels Bohr

                                               Gold Medal committee.

                                               2005: organizer of intl. workshop on brain drain and                                                science education..

                                               2000: Org., chair. of  public debate series on the role of                                                science in modern

                                               Society, Houses of Parliament, 2000.                                                                     1998 Org. & chair of the ‘Perspectives in Physics’                                                conference, UNESCO, Paris.

                                               1999 Vice-delegation leader for DK to First World                                                Science Conference, UNESCO, Budapest.

                                               Contributor(writer) to the Danish National                                                             Encyclopedia, Gyldendal.

                                               Other interests: education and democracy, brain drain,                                                science in developing countries, ethics of science, access                                                to knowledge,

                                               Education for All (EFA), Science Education.


Professional address:        Niels Bohr Institute

                                               Blegdamsvej 17,

                                               2100 København


                                               Tel.  direct: (+45) 35 32 53 09,

                                               secr: (+45) 35 32 52 09 and (+45) 35 32 52 72.

                                               Fax: (+45) 35 32 50 16.

                                               Email: gardhoje @


Private address :                 Kastebjergvej 22

                                               2750 Ballerup


                                               Tlf: (+45) 44 64 66 68

Kort Biografi for Jens Jørgen Gaardhøje, Professor Dr. Sc., Niels Bohr Institutet.



Født 1954. Cand. Scient. fra Niels Bohr Institutet, Københavns Universitet, i kernefysik og astronomi, 1980. Dr. Scient. med en afhandling om ’gigant vibrationer’ i atomkerner dannet ved fusion, 1994. Forsk. stipendiat under KU og SNF, 1980-1985. Visiting scientist SUNY, Stony Brook, NY, USA, 1984. Forskningslektor under Carlsbergfonden, 1985-1994. Lektor ved Niels Bohr Instituttet (KU), 1995-2004. Professor ved Niels Bohr  Instituttet (KU) siden 2004.


Leder af HEHI (High Energy Heavy Ion) gruppen siden 1995. Formand for Ph. D. skolen ved NBI.f.AFG, 1998-2002. Medlem af Ph.D. studienævnet, Det Naturvidenskabelige Fakultet, KU, 1998-2002. Forskerskoleleder for ‘Intl. Ph. D. School of Excellence in Physics’ og ’Giessen-Copenhagen Intl. Graduate College’ siden 2003. Redaktør  for ‘Nuclear Physics A’, Elsevier publ. Co., NL, siden 2003.


Igennem årene medlem/formand for  en række udvalgt og råd. Medlem af det Svenske forskningsråd (NFR), 1997-2000. Medlem af den Danske UNESCO National Kommission, formand for UNESCO Videnskabsudvalget, og medlem af Forretningsudvalget siden 1997. Formand for UNESCO Niels Bohr guldmedalje komiteen, 1998 og 2004. Medforfatter til Den Danske National Encyklopædi. Medlem af forskningsbestyrelsen for SARA cyklotron anlægget, Grenoble, F, 1987-1992. Vicedelegationsleder ved UNESCO/UN World Science Conference 1999, (Budapest). Arrangør af bioetik høring (Christiansborg), 2000. Arrangør af UNESCO konferencen om fysikkens perspektiver, Paris, 1998, UNESCO HQ. Medlem af UNGASS udvalget (UM) vedr. UN World Conference on Sustainable Development 2002. Siden 2003, medlem af ‘external advisory board’ for SUBATECH, Ecole des Mines de Nantes, Frankrig. Siden 2004: medlem af UNESCO’s rådgivende udvalg for International Basic Science Program (IBSP), Paris.


Forfatter/medforfatter  til over 180 videnskabelige artikler om kernefysik, redaktør af 3 bøger. Afholdt over 100 foredrag ved internationale konferencer og udenlandske institutioner og arrangør af adskillige internationale konferencer om kernefysik. Leder/talsmand for flere internationale eksperimenter og kollaborationer i Frankrig og USA. Co-spokesman for BRAHMS eksperimentet ved Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider, Brookhaven National Laboratory, New York, USA, siden 1996. Projektleder for Forward Detectors Project ved ALICE eksperimentet ved Large Hadron Collider, CERN, Schweitz, siden 1998.


Videnskabelige interesser: Ultrarelativistiske kernekollisoner med henblik på frembringelse af  Quark-Gluon Plasma, det såkaldte ’Lille Big Bang i Laboratoriet’, tidlige univers, gammastråle- og partikelspektroskopi, videnskabsetik, videnskab og udviklingslandene, videnskabsformidling, fri adgang til viden, åben verden, science education, brain drain.

Medlem af European Physical Society og Dansk Fysisk Selskab, indvalgt i Danmarks Naturvidenskabelige Akademi.