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In this section, I plan to provide public downloads for numerical codes I have written, and which might be useful for others. All source code is subject to the Academic Free License as published here, and provided on an 'as is' basis, i.e. without any warranty.


for Udo Ziegler's NIRVANA code

shearingbox boundary conditions  – This module extends the MHD-code NIRVANA for boundary conditions as they are commonly used for shearingbox simulations. See the enclosed readme file for installation details. Available for v3.2.x and v3.3.

hdf5 data export  – This package allows writing postprocessing data from simulations in widely used HDF5 data format. Adaptive mesh refinement is now supported! This module requires an (MPI-parallel) installation of the HDF5 libraries. Installation guide within the packed archive. Available for v3.2.x and v3.3.

animations  – For large simulations, this module writes out slices in constant time intervals. This allows to create movies while saving disk space, available for v3.3 only.