CURICULUM VITAE \vspace{1cm} Holger Bech Nielsen \vspace{1cm} Born in Copenhagen 25 of august 1941 Married to Cand. Mag. Klara Pavicic. Address: Falkonerv\ae nget 13, 1952 Frederiksberg Nationality: Danish \vspace{1cm} Cand. scient from the Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen University 1968. Thesis ``Nogle konsekvenser af quark modellens selvkonsistens'' (Concerned the Quark Model) \\ \> \\ Previous Positions: \> Tutor 1969 \\ \> Fellow at NORDITA 1969--1971 \\ \> Amanuensis at the Niels Bohr Institute from \\ \> September 1971\\ \> Visiting Scientist at CERN 1971-72\\ \> Lecturer at the Niels Bohr Institute 1973-1985\\ \> Research Professor at the Niels Bohr Institute\\ \> July 1985--June 1990 \\ \> \\ Present Position \> Professor of High Energy Physics,\\ \>at Niels Bohr Institute, July 1990 \\ \> \\ Memberships \>The Royal Danish Science and Letters Society \\ \> The Royal Norvegian Science and Letters Society. \> Norvegian Academie of Science from 1987. Leave of absences: \> CERN Geneva , august 1999 -- juli 2000\\ \> DESY januar 2002 -- juli 2002\\ Been in Kyoto twise for three months. Prizes: \> Bergs\o e formidlerpris (a prize for popularization)\\ \> The 1997 Rescue Award fra Samuel Friedman Foundation\\ \>Humboldt prize (related to the visit in 2002 to DESY)\\ \> Klara Karolines Fond Stiftet af Aase and Poul Gernes legacy (2006)\\ Books: \> ``Origin of Symmetries'', with Colin D. Froggatt;\\ \> With Henrik Bohr: ``Wild Dreams in Physics at the Milenium shift''\\ A book about me: \> Jens Kerte: Holgers Universe. ISBN 87-11-11563-7, Aschehoug, 2002\\ A book with me on main picture: \> Redaction: Bent Raymond Joergensen and Uffe Graae Joergensen: Videnskaben eller Gud(=Science or God) \\ Main role in film: \> Lars Becker-Larsens: Teorien om alt.( The theory of Everything)\\ \vspace{1cm} \>\\ Concepts called after me: \>Koba-Nielsen-variables,\\ \>ANO-vortekslinier (= Nielsen-Olesen vortexlines),\\ \> KNO-scaling ( = Koba-Nielsen-Olesen-scaling)\\ \>Nielsen-Ninomiya ( no-go) theorem,\\ \>Froggatt-Nielsen-mechanisme\\ \>FNNS-mechanism ( Foerster-Nielsen-Ninomiya-Shenker-mechanism) \\ Concept of me and others called by Ken Jonson: \> The Cheshire Cat Principle\\ PhD students: \>Yasutaka Takanishi, Svend Erik Rugh, Don Bennett, Frank Antonsen,..\\ Among many other things I worked with: \> Among the (three) first to (independently) propose string theory ( at that time meant to be used for hadrons)\\ \> Favourite model: Random dynamics\\ \> had a model that predicted three generations before it were known that there were only three from the LEP experiment\\ Teaching activities: Have participated in many courses both as claclational trainingclass leader and lecturer, for example much in analytical mechanics and quantum mechanics, plus studygroups ... Public lecturer: Have given a lot of public talks both in the media and organized around by firms or the like, interviews.