John Hertz  

Professor John Hertz

Niels Bohr Institute                         NORDITA
Blegdamsvej 17                                 Roslagstullsbacken 23
DK-2100 Copenhagen Ø                  S-10691 Stockholm
Denmark                                           Sweden




Phone: office:

+45 3532 5236

Phone: secr:

+45 3532 5260  (Hanne Christensen)


+45 3538 9157


Phone:    home

+45 4589 4184, mobil +45 2055 1874

Home: address:

Frydenlundsvej 49, DK-2950 Vedbæk.

Born: 10 January 1945




Theoretical Neuroscience Course (biofysik 405), Copenhagen University

The course is given in block 1 (Sept-Oct) in even-numbered years (next in 2010). The schedule, textbooks, power point slides and extra reading assignments are available here.


Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics: the Physics of Fluctuations and Noise, Copenhagen University. This course is given in block 1 (Sept-Oct) in odd-numbered years (first in 2009).  The schedule, lecture notes and other course material will be available here.


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Research interests:

Statistical physics: glasses, spin glasses, networks, biological information processing.
My research projects are described in more detail HERE.


Nordita Seminar, April 2005: What Do Cortical Networks Have to Do With Spin Glasses?

ICTP School on Neural Information Processing, 1999:
Lecture notes on neural network modelling

Nordita Seminar 1998:
Lecture notes on Spin Glass Physics


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