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Jes Jørgensen's group


My research focuses on the physical and chemical structure of the earliest stages of star-formation - including the evolution of protostars and the formation and early evolution of circumstellar (protoplanetary) disks. This effort is predominantly based on observations at infrared and (sub)millimeter wavelengths - where we utilize large ground-based facilities such as the Atacama Large Millimeter Array, the Submillimeter Array and the IRAM Plateau de Bure Interferometer, the ESO telescopes as well as observations from space-based telescopes including the Herschel Space Observatory.

My group is located at the Niels Bohr Institute at Copenhagen University and also part of Centre for Star and Planet Formation at the Natural History Museum of Denmark and the Niels Bohr Institute. If you are interested in joining our group as a Ph.D. student or post doc, feel free to contact us. We also have a number of exciting M.Sc. and B.Sc. thesis projects available for motivated undergraduate students.

My research is supported by a Junior Group Leader Fellowship from the Lundbeck foundation and by Centre for Star and Planet Formation through a grant from the Danish Research Foundation.