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I am a soft matter researcher fascinated by self-assembly and the role of geometry in material science. Currently I am Associate Professor in the X-ray and Neutron Science group at the Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen. I am also a dedicated songwriter and musician - please explore my research, music, teaching and other interests from the menus above.

Latest news


June 2019: Cover paper

A long experimental effort about self-assembly of milk proteins into well-defined nanotubes is finally out as a cover paper in Soft Matter. The study provides novel fundamental knowledge of the formation and structure of α-lactalbumin nanotubes under different conditions, which will facilitate future application of these nanotubes in food and pharmaceutical areas. Find the actual paper HERE.


November 2018: Cover paper

Our latest paper on miktoarm star self-assembly has made the cover of Polymer Physics. An integrated study using simulation and experiments allow us to understand the intricate self‐assembly across a wide range of the phase diagram in these interesting materials. Find the actual paper HERE.


August 2018: New position at FOOD

I have accepted a new tenured position at the food science department of University of Copenhagen. I will be affiliated with the Molecular Food Structure group. Read more about the department HERE.


May 2018: Springer book chapter out

I have written one of the chapters in a new book on the ’Role of Topology in Materials’. It is part of a Springer series on Solid State Sciences. Read my contribution HERE or check the full contents of the book HERE.


May 2018: Phys Rev Letters paper accepted

Our new work on three-arm star block copolymers exposed to extreme stretch has been accepted in Physical Review Letters. Read it HERE.


April 2018: Popular article in danish

I have written a small paper in danish about struc-tural complexity in soft matter which is out now in KVANT - Tidsskrift for Fysik og Astronomi. Check it out HERE.


February 2018: Invited to Berkeley

I am invited to speak at the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute at Berkeley, California. The meeting is titled 'Hot Topics: Shape and Structure of Materials', for more information see HERE.


November 2017: Visit to Murdoch University

I am currently on a 3 month stay at Murdoch University in Perth, Australia visiting my close collaborator Gerd Schröder-Turk. We are going to work on simulation problems in soft matter and biological physics. Read more about Gerd's research HERE. I am also this year guest speaker at the annual dinner of The Australian Institute of Physics's WA branch where I'll be talking about 'Soft matter as a playground for the exploration of space partitioning'.


September 2017: PhD School at NBI

I am the local organizer of our 3rd International PhD School on 'Geometry and Topology in Contemporary Material Science' which will be held from September 3-9 2017 at the Niels Bohr Institute. My fellow co-organizers and co-lecturers are Stephen Hyde (ANU, Canberra), Gerd Schröder-Turk (Murdoch, Perth), Myfanwy Evans (TU-Berlin), Toen Castle (UPenn) and Martin C. Pedersen (NBI). Read more HERE.


February 2017: Teaching award!

I am very proud to be this years recipient of the 'Jens Martin Award' - the annual Niels Bohr Institute teaching award. The award is named after Jens Martin Knudsen, the Danish Mars researcher who was known as a dedicated and gifted educator. I have received the award together with the rest of the team who re-organized and ran the 2016 Linear Algebra and Classical Mechanics course on the Nano Science education: Jonas Søgaard Juul, Tine Bryder Nielsen and Jesper Bruun. Read more HERE.