Physics of Continuous Matter



bullet P. 82, subsection Planet with constant density.
Replace in first line:  "(3.19)" "(3.31)"
Replace twice in eq. (6.37): "2/5" "3/5"
In example 6.4.1: multiply all numbers by 3/2.
bullet P. 83, subsection Field Energy Density.
Insert in integral at the end of unnumbered equation below (6.38): "dV".
Insert at last line: "..., one immediately..." "... for r<a and M_0 for r>a, one immediately..."
bullet Remove on p. 87, eq. (7.4) the middle expression between equals signs
"= - g\cdot x =" "="
bullet Replace p. 87, Kepler microbiography, line 1
"...(1580-1635)..." "...(1571-1630)..."
bullet Insert p. 100, next to last paragraph, line 4 from below
"... 0, whereas mercury..." "...0 [80], whereas mercury..."
Add following sentence to the end of the paragraph
This is especially true for the water-air-glass contact angle, where nearly every value below 90 degrees  is found in the literature. In the following `water'  and `mercury' should only be taken as examples of  highly wetting and moderately non-wetting fluids."
bullet Replace p. 113 next to last paragraph, line 2 from below
"...(i.e. several megabars),..."   "...(i. e. tens of kilobars),..."
bullet Replace p. 145 problem 11.8 third line
"...." "...=α/2."
Problem 11.8 should in fact be placed in chapter 10 (see new  answer).
bullet Replace p. 194 example 15.3.1
"1000 kg/m^2"
"1000 kg/m^3"
bullet Page 202, subsection "The cosmological constant".
The non-relativistic physics argument leading up to this equation  (15.61) is hard to justify,
and the whole subsection may eventually have to be  removed. Thanks to Dr. C. W. Palmer for an enlightening  discussion.
bullet Replace p. 236 third paragraph first line,
"... requires the pressure to be ..."      "... requires the stress vector to be ..."
See additional material on pressure discontinuities.
bullet Replace p. 260 third line below eq. (18.67)
"... are orthogonal to the velocity."  →   "... are parallel to the velocity."
bullet Replace p. 268 first paragraph 5th line
"... may for example eliminate ..."  →  "... may also eliminate ..."
bullet Replace p. 281 line before end of first paragraph
"...there will appear three further fictitious..."  →  "...there will appear two further fictitious..."
See also the replacement of problem 20.3.
bullet Replace p. 354, figure 24.9 caption second line
"... U = 12, 15, 20 ..." → "... U = 12, 15,18..."
bullet Insert p. 382 first line
"... positions z=na-ib of ..."→ "... positions z=2na-ib of ..."
bullet Replace p. 397 bottom marginal figure caption line 3
"... towards the left and ..."→ "... towards the right and ..."
bullet Insert footnote p. 460 just above eq. (29.67)
"This formula appears to be valid for all values of the angle of attack, but that is of course nonsense.
It can only be used as long as the flow obeys the Kutta condition. At a fairly small angle of attack, the boundary layers will detach and invalidate the whole calculation, and at the stall angle the flow changes completely character. "
bullet Replace p. 476-7 Wind chill estimate,   second paragraph.
bullet Replace p. 483 line above Example 31.1.1
"... (3.13) ..."  "... (31.3). .."

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