Mathematica 5.1 programs for "Physics of Continuous Matter"
B. Lautrup, The Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark
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Version 1.0 December 17, 2004



At the top level the package contains one file

readme.txt - this file

and three directories

Lautrup - a library of programs developed for the book
Calculus - an extension of a system library
Book - programs and data files for the book



Under any operating system the directories "Lautrup" and "Calculus" should placed early on the Mathematica search Path. This is best done by making it a subdirectory of $UserBaseDirectory or $BaseDirectory (if all users should have access). When installed, the Lautrup library files are available to all Mathematica programs by including the statement


in a notebook. Alternatively one may selectively load any one of the four packages contained in the library (see below).

It is important for the proper setting of the working directory that the notebook to be evaluated has been loaded from a file and not just created in memory.

The program files "Book" can be installed anywhere.


CONTENTS of Lautrup

init.nb - initializes the library and loads all packages

There are four independent packages that may be loaded individually

figure.nb - create an eps figure from a plot
units.nb - extension to the Mathematica physical unit package
physicalconstants.nb - extension to the Mathematica physical constants package
ndsolvebv.nb - an attempt to write a general boundary value solver

These notebooks all generate corresponding m-files when saved.

The directory "Calculus" contains an extended version of the standard 3d vector analysis package which will override the standard package. The statement


will load this package instead of the standard package. The extensions have to do with tensor operations and should not interfere with earlier uses of the standard package. For an explicit use of these features, see "b.curvilinear.nb" from the book.



init.nb - initialisation - each chapter has an associated notebook
name.dat, name.m - data files used in some of the programs
eps - directory for eps-figures created by the programs