Christian Baron

Ph.D. student, Master of Science in Evolutionary biology.
(+45) 353 25 343
baron @ nbi . dk

CPNSS, Blegdamsvej 17, (Kk), 2100 København Ø

Activities at CPNSS:
  • Teaching and lecturing at the courses "philosophy of science for biologists", "ethics for biochemistry and nanotechnology students", and "ethics and philosophy of science for biomolecular medicine students"
  • developer of educational case studies for the "philosophy of science for biologists" and "ethics and philosophy of science for biomolecular medicin students" courses


  • Working on the project Should paradigm theory be expanded? The concept of a scientific paradigm is a core notion in Thomas S. Kuhn's theory of normal science as the stable phase of a research field. This project attempts to deepen a Kuhnian understanding of natural science in other fields than physics and expand the characterization of a paradigm (or disciplinary matrix) in the light of recent science studies, especially historian of science Lorraine Daston's analyses of central ideas of scientific values, such as the concepts of fact and objectivity. This investigation will be based on case studies drawn from evolutionary biology, such as famous controversies within the modern neo-Darwinian synthesis.
  • I also work on the related project Epistemic and moral values in post-normal scientific practice. This project aims at improving our understanding of the epistemic and moral values that constitute the moral economies of post-normal scientific practice. The move from "Academic Science" to "Techno-Science" (Lyotard) with the establishment of disciplines as biotechnology, nano-science, nano-technology, health science etc. is used as a setting for studying the changes and transport of epistemic and moral values between the spheres of science and the public.
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