Marcela Zalamea

Ph.D. student at the Institute of Biology and CPNSS

Office: CPNSS, Blegdamsvej 17, Cc11 or Cc8, DK-2100 Copenhagen, Denmark

Activities at CPNSS:
  • Teaching and lecturing at the courses "philosophy of science for biologists"


  • I am generally interested in the philosophy and sociology of science, with special focus on the philosophy of ecology and environmental history. Within this field, I am interested in the mutual inter-relations between the ways we study, describe, and relate to nature.
    In my Ph.D.-project, I address the general issue of scientific progress in the ecological sciences by: 1) tracing how our ideas about nature have changed over the last century and how those ideas are expressed as metaphors that in turn are anchored in the social and cultural context in which scientific practice is done, 2) analyzing patterns of change in the conceptual framework of ecology by carrying out content analysis of scientific literature, and 3) exploring the empirical basis of one of the most famous theories in ecology, namely competition theory, by carrying out some experiments with bacterial microcosms.
  • From my former education as a scientist, I learnt about tropical ecology, plant and soil ecology, litterfall dynamics and decomposition, and tropical mycology of macro-mycetes.
  • Finally, I am a radical environmental activist: I am vegan (see why here:,, I contribute to Greenpeace, sort out my waste in as many categories as I can, move around mostly cycling, venture on urban farming (, practice conscious consumerism (see for instance:,, and, and dream of a truly sustainable and eco-friendly living in this planet.
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