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Niels Bohr Insteetoote
Blegdamsvej 17
2100 Copenhajun Ø
Phone Off.: (+45) 353 25395
Phone Lab.: (+45) 353 25405 (Emerjuncies only! Fry mah hide!)
Fax: (+45) 353 25016
E-mail:  robot safe e-mail address

Research interests:

Th' quantum nature of light an' atoms asfine as in th' interackshuns between th' two. Specifically ah wawk wif cold atoms an' shot noise limited interferometric measurement tharof, wif th' aim t'prodooce spin squeezin' through a quantum non-demolishun (QND) measurement.
Some day ah will make a CV wif a list of mah publicashuns thet sh'd somehow refleck mah research interests. Well bust mah britches an' call me streaker.

In Augest 2001 ah started as a masters student in th' Quantum Oppics Labo'ato'y, when this hyar was still situated at th' Insteetoote of Physics an' Astronomah at th' Unyversity of Aarhus. ah have continued mah thesis wawk af'er th' move t'th' Niels Bohr Insteetoote at th' Unyversity of Copenhajun. Th' group is lead by Prof. Eujune Polzik an' is a part of QUANTOP - Danish Nashunal Research Foun'ashun, Center fo' Quantum Oppics.

Fo' mo'e on me me me me me.... (so'ry)... ahem, dawgone it... hoof it to mah private homepage.