updated   Nov 17 2002

Faraday Waves links

Faraday waves - Copenhagen
M Levinsen papers (mostly on experimental turbulence/scaling)
Faraday waves - Caltech
Faraday waves - Eidenhaven
Faraday Waves - Toronto
Faraday Waves - Simon Frazer
Faraday waves - Haverford
Faraday waves - Mainz
surface waves - Gollub video

Further links

Eindhoven U - Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
J Gollub
E Bodenschatz
Arshad Kudrolli
Michael Cross
Ernst Florens Friedrich Chladni
Michael Faraday
Herman Ludwig Ferdinand Helmholtz


1 M. Faraday, On a peculiar class of Acoustical Figures, Philos. Trans. R. Soc. London 52, 299 (1831).
2 Faraday patterns in Bose-Einstein condensates, K. Staliunas, S. Longhi, G. J. de Valcarcel
3 Pattern selection in Faraday waves,P. Chen and J. Viņals, Phys. Rev. Lett. 79, 2670 (1997).
4 Amplitude equations and pattern selection in Faraday waves,P. Chen and J. Viņals, Phys. Rev. E. 60, 551 (1999).
5 Theoretical Model for Faraday Waves with Multiple-Frequency Forcing, Ron Lifshitz, Dean M. Petrich
5 A Simple Model for Faraday Waves, J Bechhoefer and B Johnson
MikeSchatz recommendatios:

check J Miles and D Henderson
Parametrically Forced Surface Waves
Annu. Rev. Fluid Mech. 1990, Vol. 22: 143-165.
--rather dated but good overview (not much on pattern formation).

patterns article by Douady
Journal of Fluid Mechanics
from early 90's---very clear exposition on basic pattern forming aspects (not fancy stuff like quasipatterns)