Instructor: Predrag Cvitanovic
Office Address: Howey W501
Phone: 404 385 2502
Office Hours: see instructor home page

Time:  TR 12:05-13:25
Room: Howey-Physics S107 
Expected Enrollment: 10

COURSE DESCRIPTION: Functional integral formulation of field theories, quantization of gauge theories, radiative corrections, renormalization, running coupling constants;  grand unification, factorization, parton evolution and scaling violations, and supersymmetry.

Time permitting, also some group theory, the quark model, chiral lagrangians, non-linear sigma models, the standard model, the U(1) anomaly.

TEXT: M. E. Peskin, D. V. Schroeder: An Introduction to Quantum Field Theory

START: Tue Jan 11, 12:05 in Howey S107,with detailed syllabus available on

PREREQUISITES: Quantum Mechanics, Statistical Mechanics

TEACHING METHOD: Two 1 1/2 h lectures per week

EVALUATION METHOD: Overal course grade will be determined from the homework (40%), midterm (20%), and the final (40%).

Last updated on Jan 1 2005