Kim Sneppen

Personal data:

     Name: Kim Sneppen
    Title: Professor, Director for center for Models of Life.

      Fax: +45 35 32 54 25
    Phone: +45 35 32 53 52

  Private: +45 39 63 64 34
  Address: Ordrupdalsvej 37, 2920 Charlottenlund

     Born: 8 January 1960
   Spouse: Simone Bjerregaard Sneppen
 Children: Ida, Thor, Eva and Albert Bjerregaard Sneppen

Research interests:

Complex systems, with focuss on physics of living matter. Projects described on the homepage of the center "Models of Life"


Limited information
Information Networks
Translation regulation
Merging in bipartite networks
Traffic on DNA
Modeling the Evolution
Network alignment
Modeling self-organization of communication and topology in social networks
Self-Assembly of Information in Networks
Phage-bacteria coevelution
Boids in Chamonix
Dynamics of Transcription Initiation
Dynamics of Fronts, discrete models
Chaotic Fronts: The Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation
Physics of Fashion Fluctuations
History of Life on Earth
Protein Synthesis: Ribosome Traffic on a mRNA
Interactive Model of Dynamical Epigenetics
Degree landscapes in scale-free networks
Dynamics of Opinions and Social Structures
Combinatorics of feedback
Dynamics of Transcription Initiation and promoter-mediated noize
Nucleosome Mediated Transcription Regulation
Modeling the origin of interest groups
Time walkers and spatial dynamics of ageing information

Sustainability of Virulence in a Phage-Bacterial Ecosystem
Modelling the Spatial Dynamics of Culture Spreading in the Presence of Cultural Strongholds

Coverage of mRNA by Ribosomes and mRNA Half Life
Fractal shapes in multiple disease model
Ecosystems with mutually exclusive interactions
Modeling Information Networks   Modeling Information Networks   Traffic on DNA

Courses given: Spring course on Physics of Molecular Biology.
Publication list.
Some Recent Papers.

Networks and Cities: An Information Perspective.
 M. Rosvall, A. Trusina, P. Minnhagen and K. Sneppen

Hide and Seek in complex networks.
K. Sneppen, A. Trusina and M. Rosvall

A simple model for self organization of bipartite
 Kim Sneppen, Martin Rosvall, Ala Trusina, Petter Minnhagen

Topology of molecular networks.
(S. Maslov and K. Sneppen, Science, 296, 910-913 (2002))

Time delay in p53-mdm2 apoptosis network.

Modelling lambda phage stability/robustnes.

Heat shock in E.coli. (K.B. Arnvig, S. Pedersen and K. Sneppen
Phys. Rev. Lett. 84 (2000) 3005-3008)

Robustness as an evolutionary principle (Proc. Roy. S. Lond. volume 267, page 2281-2286). Also in


Center for Models of Life

Our complexity lab seen from Nordita.

Our complexity lab seen from NBI.

Colleques in Complex, Norway.

S. Maslov.

S. Bornholdt.

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