biophysical research group

Welcome to the Optical Tweezers Group

We are a group of enthusiastic and creative scientists interested in understanding physical properties of biological systems at the single molecule to whole cell level.

We are located at the Niels Bohr Institute at the University of Copenhagen.

The group started out being centered around the possibilities offered by high quality optical tweezers platforms, however, our equipment park now also offers several types of front-line microscopy techniques along with equipment for correct handling of biological specimen, e.g., for cell culturing.

We work at the cross roads of physics, optics, biophotonics, chemistry molecular biology, and medicine enjoying a relatively large freedom in our project choices.

The group is led by Assoc. Prof. Lene Broeng Oddershede.


Nature Protocols

Our Nature Protocol on how to use tethered particle analysis of supercoiled circular DNA using PNA handles is accepted and will soon be available online.


Our first patent on accurate photodiode detection of multiple optical traps was filed February 2014.


Our study on how DNA supercoiling enhances cooperativity and efficiency of the epigenetic lamda switch was published in PNAS vol.110 p.17386 (2013).

Nature Chemical Biology

A review by Lene Oddershede on 'Force probing of individual molecules inside the living cell is now a reality' was published in Nature Chemical Biology vol 8 p. 879 (2012).

Research Grant

Poul Martin Bendix is receiving 3.4 million kroner for the project "Biophysical study of cytoskeletal filaments and membrane shaping proteins in membrane protrusions" (December 2012)

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