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Cavity optomechanics

Our research presently focuses on hybrid systems involving nano- and micromechanical oscillators in, or at the verge to, the quantum regime. Electro- magnetic fields coupled to them through high-quality resonators--optical micro- cavities, or superconducting microwave stripline resonators--are used as probes. Guided by concepts from atomic physics and quantum optics, but building on solid-state experimental platforms and low-temperature techniques, we are interested in all aspects of quantum measurements, damping and decoherence mechanisms, and control and conversion of mechanical quantum states.

Optical frequency combs

A second line of research revolves around optical frequency combs, investigating both novel generators as well as their application in spectroscopy. This includes, in particular, comb generators based on microresonators, but also non- linear conversion, with spectral coverage all the way to the mid-infrared. We have further introduced several new spectroscopic techniques relying on frequency comb sources, with application potential for sensing and hyperspectral nano-imaging.