Preparing for Scientific Computing 2021.

Course page

Please find the course page at:

Course material

We teach using Michael T. Heath's "Scientific Computing: An Introductory Survey", available at Akademisk Boghandel

The recommended language for solving the assignments is Python3/NumPy

Matlab is allowed for those who are already proficient, but the TA's will not be able to assist you with it. We recommend using Python unless you really know what you are doing.

How to install a Python development enviroment

Please make sure you have a functioning working environment for developing code before starting the course. Below you will find instructions for installing a standard environment if you do not already have one that you are comfortable with. You can install any package you need, such as Numpy and SciPy, with pip. E.g.:
  pip install numpy scipy
On some systems, you need to use python3 -m pip install [...packages...].