The MORPHEUS code:

Manchester Omni-geometRical Program for Hydrodynamical EUlerian Simulations
Copyright © N. Vaytet & T. O'Brien
The University of Manchester
Current version 1.31 - 03/2014

MORPHEUS is a 3D MPI-OPENMP Eulerian second-order Godunov hydrodynamic simulation code in cartesian, spherical and cylindrical coordinates which includes radiative cooling and gravity. It is available by simple email request to neil.vaytet AT and on Sourceforge.


Morpheus Gallery:

• 4096 x 4096 simulation of a Kelvin-Helmholtz instability

• 2048 x 3072 simulation of a Sedov explosion in a box with perfectly reflecting walls

• 1200 x 400 simulation of an astrophysical episodic jet from a young stellar object

• 600 x 600 simulation of the hydrodynamical implosion test