Let's create the perfect city. We'll build it on a pretty yet functional harbor and start with a vast network of streets boasting great stores and cafes; add bicycle lanes to span the city encouraging quiet nonpolluting transport; and generously spread about royal palaces and rich museums. Right in the center we'll put an amusement park, making carnival rides and concerts accessible to all. Finally, we'll govern with a socially minded philosophy that virtually eliminates poverty, crime and begging. This is no fantasy --- it's COPENHAGEN. And without a doubt, this very real city's richest gift is its quality of life.
[From Frommer's guide to Europe by Nikolaus Lorey]

Amalienborg Nyhavn
More pictures of Copenhagen.
Copenhagen is situated on the island Zealand. It is told that the goddess Gefion by the Swedish King Gylfe was allowed to plow an area in Sweden, and the land she managed to plow within one day and one night, she could use in any way she wanted. In order to get the most out of the opportunity she turned her four sons into oxen and put them in front of a great plough, and off they went. After that one day and one night was over, they had managed to get the earth needed to create Zealand in its present size. Where the earth was taken, the lake Vänern lies today. (Its shape is somewhat like that of Zealand.) All the earth Gefion put into Øresund, and lo and behold: Zealand rose out of the sound.
Brief history of Copenhagen
1167 Bishop Absalon receives the town of Havn (means harbour in english) from the king and builds a castle.
1248 The town is conquered by forces from the German town Lübeck and in rage over Copenhagen's status as a trading town, they burn the town to the ground.
1343 Valdemar IV Make Copenhagen the capital of Denmark.
1659 The assault on Copenhagen. The Copenhageners strike back on the tenth Swedish army of Karl X.
1711 The plague hits Copenhagen and kills one third of the population.
1801 The British marine sinks the Danish marine, which lays in Copenhagen.
1807 The British bomb Copenhagen and most of the house are burned down.
1847 The first railway between Copenhagen and Roskilde is established.
1853 An epidemic of cholera kills thousends of people in the town.
1887 It is no longer allowed to keep pigs in Copenhagen.
1896 The first living pictures are shown in the Panorama cinema.
1901 The town has 400.000 inhabitants and is becoming a city.
1930s Copenhagen experience an economic depression like the rest of western world. Cultural critics appear, among them the future famous designer Poul Henningsen.
1940 Five years of nazi occupation begins. Bombing and sabotage destroy many buildings.
1971 A group of hippies occupie an old military area and the freetown of Christiania is founded.
1993 Heavy fighting between demonstrators and police after the Danish yes to the European Union.
1996 Copenhagen is Cultural Capitol of Europe.

A more detailed history of Copenhagen.
Jeg kender hendes navn - hun er drømmenes København.[Loveshop]
Copenhagen Dreaming by Loveshop

Kastrup DC 9 - Jeg var kommet for at tage afsted
Da vi fik vingerne op kom jeg til at kigge ned
Der lå vores by under dagene på træk
Min tid gik helt i stå
Hvorfor var det at jeg ville væk

Copenhagen dreaming Copenhagen time
Copenhagen dreaming - Copenhagen time
Copenhagen mine

Juni komme ned langvejs hjemmefra
Blot for at hænge ud på i mørket på sonic bar
Er der stjerner her i nætterne hvor jeg bor?
Mit blik søger kun mod lyset fra det høje nord

Copenhagen dreaming Copenhagen time
Copenhagen dreaming - Copenhagen time
Copenhagen mine


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