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The Petersen's 1981
This is (from left) Lars Erik, Troels, Trine, and Sysser - the Petersen's - when we were in Greece in 1981.
The photo is taken at Akropolis by a German turist, who probably never imagined what a wonderful picture she took.

We live in a nice house north of Copenhagen, where we enjoy life immensely! We have lived there since september 1978,
which makes it the HQ of the family. The coordinates (if you have a GPS) are (55o 45.04' N, 12o 33.81' E).

Lars Erik is an electrical engineer. Before his retirement in 2005, he installed radar systems in Copenhagen airport.
Sysser is a trilingual commercial correspondent and worked for many years as a secretary for an architecture studio until her retirement in 2010.
Trine has studied design of jewelry and has a clerical education. She is now working at the Danish Defence personel organization (Forsvarets Personeltjeneste).
Troels is a researcher in particle physics at the Niels Bohr Institute, and is now leading a small research group at the ATLAS experiment sponsored by Lundbeckfonden.

In the Easter of 2002 we were all on a wonderful vacation in California.

In February 2003 Lars Erik and Troels travelled in the footsteps of Rudyard Kiplings Kim in Northern India.

We are part of a great family, of which most (on my mothers side) lives close by. For this reason, we see each other often, for example at 'Juleklip', which you can see family photos of throughout the years in the link.
On my fathers side the family is quite large and slighly more scattered, but nevertheless Nielsen Klanen (the Nielsen klan) has a grand family gathering every year-and-a-half. In the summer of 2017, my cousin Karen (tanke K) took Storm on a trip around the city, which resulted in this lovely webpage she made: Storms hyggedag med Karen

The Petersen's can be reached at:
Sysser and Lars Erik Petersen, Christiansvej 37, 2920 Charlottenlund, Denmark, (+45) 39 63 66 99
Trine Petersen, Tomsgaarsvej 70, 3. tv., 2400 Copenhagen NV, Denmark, (+45) 39 31 19 78
Troels C. Petersen, Classensgade 19A,, 2100 Copenhagen O, Denmark, (+45) 26 28 37 39

or by Email/WWW:
Lars Erik:,

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