Francois Le Diberder (BaBar Collaboration, Laboratoire Accelerateur Lineare, France) Supervisor: February 2000 - February 2001, June 2001 - June 2004
John Renner Hansen (Atlas Collaboration, Niels Bohr Institute, Denmark) Supervisor: January - May 1996, February 2000 - February 2001
Robert N. Cahn (BaBar Collaboration, LBNL, United States) Supervisor: December 1998 - June 1999
Jørgen Randrup (Nuclear Theory Division, LBNL, United States) Supervisor: September 1998 - June 1999
Mayda Velasco (NA59 and Minos Collaborations, North Western Univ., United States) Supervisor: June - August 1998
Elton Smith (CLAS Collaboration, Jefferson Lab, United States) Supervisor: May - August 1995, May - August 1996
Alex Dzierba (RadPhi Collaboration, Indiana University, United States) Supervisor: May - August 1996

Danish Universities (and related institutes):

 KU (Københavns Universitet)

  HCØ (Hans Christian Ørsted Institutet)

  NBI (Niels Bohr Institutet)

Foreign Universities:

IU (Indiana University)

UC Berkeley (University of California, Berkeley)

   University of Paris VI+VII (Université Pierre et Marie Curie + Denis Diderot)

Listing and ranking of universities in the United States.


       Jlab (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility, aka. Jefferson Lab)
        CERN (Centre European de Research Nucleaire, aka. European Laboratory for particle physics)
LBNL (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
LPNHE (Laboratoire de Physique Nucleaire et des Hautes Energies)
         SLAC (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center)
BaBar (measurement of CP-violation in the B-meson system) Developing the OneBin method, Feb-Sep 2001.
NA59 (Production of high energy circularly polarized photons) Determination of optimal target length, Jul-Aug 1998.
NA48 (measurement of CP-violation in the kaon system) Isolation of the decay channel pi+ pi- gamma, Jun-Aug 1998.
RadPhi (measurement of radiative decays of the phi-meson) Software for online and offline monitoring, May-Aug 1996.
CLAS (CEBAF Large Angle Spectrometer) Calibration of Time-of-Flight detector, May-Aug 1995.
55th Scottish Universities Summer School in Physics (Heavy Flavour Physics), St. Andrews, Scotland, 7-23 August 2001.
Violation of CP Symmetry and Related Processes, Prerow, Germany, 1-8 October 2000.
International CP Violation Conference, Ferrara, Italy, 17-22 September 2000.
The 16th Nordic Meeting in Particle Physics, Spåtind, Norway, 4-10 January 2000.
BaBar Collaboration Meeting, San Francisco, USA, 10-14 December 2001.
BaBar Collaboration Meeting, Paris, France, 17-21 September 2001.
BaBar Collaboration Meeting, San Francisco, USA, 23-27 April 2001.
BaBar Collaboration Meeting, San Francisco, USA, 11-15 December 2000.
BaBar Analysis Meeting, San Francisco, USA, 3-7 April 2000.
French BaBar Meeting, Annecy, France, 15-16 March 2000.