Artemis is the name of the Goddess of Hunt in the Greek Mythology. In addition she is the Goddess of Light and the protector of the vulnerable. Along with her twin brother Apollo, she is the child of goddess Leto and Zeus, and she is considered the most independent of goddesses.
Apart from this, Artemis is also the name of a 20 foot Bandholm-like sailboat. She was aquired by my father in 1973, and for many years her home port was the small idylic Tårbæk Havn. Due to her light yellow color, she carried the nickname "buddingen" (eng: the pudding).
In the mid 80's she was moved to Svanemøllen Havn, due to requirements from Tårbæk harbor. Here she stayed for about ten years until we after about fifteen years of waiting got a space in Skovshoved Havn.
This was meant to be her final destination regarding home port. However, when my father along with his friend Ole got a new ship (Gipsy), Artemis became mine. She returned to Svanemøllen Havn, where she is now porting happily on the South side of the middle pier (number 0544). The spot is perfect, as it is close to the city and the beaches North of Copenhagen.
I'm very happy to share Artemis with three very good friends (Christian, Pernille, and Mikkel), and we do a fairly good job of taking her sailing often.

Directions to Artemis

Svanemøllen Harbour is situated on Strandvænget (when coming from central Copenhagen, it is the extention of Kalkbrænderihavnsgade) right where it turns. Artemis is placed in the middle pier, which starts to the left of Kjøbenhavns Amatør-Sejlklub (KAS) and the rowing clubs.
Walking out the middle pier, Artemis is placed on the right side at number 0722, a few boats after the second transverse pier (see satellite photo).