Below is a list of various things I've worked on.
Calibration of Time-of-Flight system on CLAS-detector at CEBAF (internship, 1995).
Measurement of the muon lifetime and Monte Carlo of cosmic showers (project, 1996).
Event displays (1,2) for the Radiative Phi Decay Experiment at CEBAF (internship, 1996).
Solving the wave equation by Finite Element Method (mathematical project, 1998).
Quark Gluon Plasma at Brahms (Bachelor thesis, 1998).

K0 -> pi pi gamma decays at NA48 (CERN summer student, 1998).
Study of target lengths at NA59 (CERN summer student, 1998).
Signatures of Disoriented Chiral Condensates (work with Joergen Randrup, 1999 (PRC article 2000)).
Measuring alpha in B0 -> rho pi decays fitting the dalitz plot (work with Bob Cahn, 1999).
B0 -> K0(*)l+l- decays in SM and mSugra (project, 1999).
OneBin method for tagging and CP analysis (work with Francois le Diberder and Lydia Roos, 2000).
D** background in tagging sample (work with Stephane Placzszynski, 2000).
Measuring sin(2beta) in the Golden Channel at BaBar (Master thesis, 2001).
Measuring sin(2beta) in the Golden Channel at BaBar (Master thesis colloquium, 2001).