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Yang Zhang

Taughannock Falls

Bb9, Niels Bohr International Academy and Discovery Center
Niels Bohr Institute
Blegdamsvej 17
2100, Copenhagen, Denmark
e-mail: zhang(at)

Curriculum Vitae

Now I am working in ETH Zurich.

I was a postdoc at Niels Bohr International Academy (NBIA) and Discovery Center, in Niels Bohr Institute. My research focuses on scattering amplitudes of gauge theories in multi-loop order, and also supergravity and string theory amplitudes. We use new mathematical methods (Computational Algebraic Geometry) to reduce the integrand of high-loop scattering amplitudes. For the multi-loop integrand-level reduction package BasisDet, please follow this page. This method has been successfully applied on two-loop and three-loop, non-supersymmetric and supersymmetric gauge amplitude computations.

I was the organizer of the amplitude journal club in NBIA. Please check the webpage for information on the journal club.

I received my Ph.D. in 2011, from the department of physics at Cornell University. My advisor is Prof. Henry Tye. My publications can be accessed through this link.