Anders Froeslev Jensen

Ph.D. student (sports science), M.Sc. (Danish studies and Molecular biology)
(+45 353) 25347
andersfroeslevjensen [at] gmail . com

CPNSS, Blegdamsvej 17, Tb7., 2100 København Ø

Activities at CPNSS and Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences:
  • From October 2009: Pd.D. student at the Department of Exercise and Sport Sciences, and CPNSS, with a project on interdisciplinarity in the sport sciences. See project description on my page there.
  • Up to 2009: Teaching and lecturing at the courses "philosophy of science for biologists", "ethics for biochemistry and nanotechnology students", editor of the compendia, developer of educational case studies for the "philosophy of science for biologists" and "ethics for biochemistry and nanotechnology students" courses,
  • author of the chapter "Videnskabens filosofiske og teologiske udspring og den newtonistiske traditions gradvise separation fra filosofien" (The Philosophical and Theological Foundation of Science, and the Gradual Separation of Philosophy from Sciencs in the Newtonian Tradition) in Videnskabsteori for biologer


  • History of ideas concerning the development of modern science as:
    1. the nature of scientific disciplines and their interaction
    2. natural philosophy within theology
    3. a separate domain of knowledge apart from theology and philosophy
    4. an epistemological endevour which - despite of its official separation from theology - still solves problems within natural theology
  • The routes to darwinism within the pseudo-newtonian (cf. Koyré) tradition
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