Here you may find some (hopefully) useful software:


A code to perform 3D inversion of geophysical or other data under Gaussian and separability assumptions taking into account 3D correlations and uncertainty on model parameters and observed data, which exploits properties of the Kronecker product. Related paper: An efficient method to solve large linearizable inverse problems under Gaussian and separability assumptions.
Source code and documentation on GitHub:


The use of phase equilibrium calculations to compute physical properties of rocks has become commonplace in geophysical modeling. Typically, the phase equilibrium calculations are used to construct two-dimensional tables of rock properties as a function of pressure and temperature. Phemgp is a computer program that can be used to assemble a three-dimensional table that accounts for compositional variations from two-dimensional tables. Phemgp computes properties of the bulk rock aggregate or single phases by interpolation.
For details see Zunino et al., 2011.

Source code on GitHub: How to generate tables for Phemgp from Perple_X output: perplex.ethz.

Finite differences seismic forward modeling

A code solving for P-SV seismic wave propagation in 2D using the velocity-stress formulation in Julia. Work in progress...