Jens Morten Hansen

Assigned Professor [adjungeret professor] at the Center for the Philosophy of Nature and Science Studies, University of Copenhagen.

Jens Morten Hansen
Øster Voldgade 10
1350 Copenhagen K

e-mail address: jmh [at]
phone: (+45) 38 14 27 93

NEW: Jens Morten Hansen, geologist, cand.scient., Ph.D., has been assigned professor at CPNSS from June 1, 2001.

Jens Morten Hansen was director of the Danish Research Agency ("Forskningsstyrelsen") until January 2006 where he decided to go back to research at GEUS. Apart from his research political involvement, his main scientific interest is the history of the Earth and life and the general philosophy of the Earth and Life sciences. He has published treatises on the Cretaceous-Tertiary boundary event in Greenland and Denmark on the basis of fossil phytoplankton and established a biostratigraphy for the Late Cretaceous to Early Tertiary of the North Sea. He has published articles on oil prospection and the oil-generation history of the Danish North Sea sector, articles and reports on neotectonic activity and dislocations in relation to major trafic investments and nuclear depositories, and during the later years articles and reports on groundwater protection against nitrate and pesticides.

In his recent treatise [in Danish] on Niels Steensen Steno's foundation of geology and philosophy of science Stregen i sandet, bølgen i vandet. Stenos teori om naturens sprog og erkendelsens grænser, he has made topical the special character of the natural sciences which are concerned with complex historical phenomena.

In Octobre 2001, Jens Morten Hansen gave his inaugural address [in Danish] at Geocenter København / Gencentre Copenhagen. The title of the talk was
"Naturvidenskab som eksistentielt grundlag" [Science as an existential foundation], read this talk here.
Location: auditorium store B, Geocentret, Øster Voldgade 10, København.
Date: Thursday, Octobre 11, at 15:00.

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