Troels C. Petersen
Born: 19th of June 1975
Place of birth: Gentofte
Citizenship: Danish
Willemoesgade 54,
2100 Copenhagen Ø
Telephone (cell):    (+45) 26 28 37 39
Telephone (work):  (+45) 35 32 54 42

I'm a particle physicist, and if you wonder what that is, then here is an interview made by Bloom festival on nature and science.
I'm a Danish researcher on experimental particle physics at University of Copenhagen.
I live in a nice apartment in Classensgade situated centrally in the city of Copenhagen.
I was born and raised in Charlottenlund north of Copenhagen, where my family lives.
Most of my friends are too cool to have a homepage, but some exceptions exists.
To facilitate coordination, I have outlined my travel plans as much as possible.
To see what I'm missing in my otherwise priviledged life, check my list of wishes.

I research on experimental particle physics in the HEP group at the Niels Bohr Institute.
I work on the ATLAS experiment at the European laboratory CERN in Geneva.
My current research is on ElectroWeak physics, while previous work include B-physics.
As part of my work, I've lectured courses and also supervised individual students.
I obtained my Ph.D. in Paris at LAL working on the BaBar experiment (Ph.D. May 2004).
My academic references in terms of CV, supervisors, universities and laboratories.

My Interests are among others photography, games, traveling, sailing, litterature, and poetry.
I also have a passion for quotations, aphorisms, and insightful passages of all kinds.
I have an admiration for great physicists, especially those in the field of Particle Physics.
In addition to personal and professional photos, I (try to) post some weekly pictures.
I have a small (20 foot) sailing boat, Artemis in which I regularly go sailing with friends.
Finally, links within my area of interests, both scientific, humorous, personal and general.
My Erdos number is at most 6, and my Bacon number is 3, giving me an Erdos-Bacon number of 9.

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