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Most important papers:

P. Bak and M.H. Jensen, "Theory of Helical Magnetic Structure and Phase Transitions in MnSi and FeGe", 
J.Phys.C13, L881 (1980).   (505 citations); The content of this paper is described in L.D. Landau and E.M. Lifshitz,
"Electrodynamics of Continuous Media", Chap. 52, Pergamon, New York (1985) (307 citations).

M.H. Jensen , P. Bak and T. Bohr, "Complete devil's Staircase, Fractal Dimension, and
Universality of Mode-Locking Structure in the Circle Map", Phys.Rev.Lett. 50, 1637 (1983)  (321 citations).

M.H. Jensen , P. Bak, and T. Bohr, "Transition to chaos by interaction and overlap
of resonances, I: Circle Maps",Phys.Rev.A 30, 1960 (1984).  (546 citations).

M.H. Jensen , L.P. Kadanoff, A. Libchaber, I. Procaccia, and J. Stavans, "Global
Universality at the Onset of Chaos: Results of a Forced Rayleigh Benard
experiment",  Phys. Rev. Lett. 55, 2798 (1985).  (370 citations).

T.C. Halsey, M.H. Jensen , L.P. Kadanoff, I. Procaccia, and B. Shraiman, "Fractal
Measures and their Singularities: The Characterization of Strange Sets",
 Phys. Rev. A 33, 1141 (1986).  (3995 citations).

M.J. Feigenbaum, M.H. Jensen , and I. Procaccia, "Time Ordering and the Thermodynamics
of Strange Sets: Theory and Experimental Tests" Phys. Rev. Lett. 57, 1503 (1986).  (184 citations).

M.H. Jensen , G. Paladin and A. Vulpiani, "Intermittency in a Cascade Model for
Three-Dimensional Turbulence",  Phys. Rev. A 43, 798 (1991). (206 citations).

A. Crisanti, M.H. Jensen , A. Vulpiani and G. Paladin, "Intermittency
and Predictability in Turbulence,  Phys. Rev. Lett. 70, 166 (1993).

T. Bohr, M.H. Jensen , G. Paladin and A. Vulpiani,  ``Dynamical Systems Approcah to Turbulence'' ,
Cambridge University Press  (1998) (662 citations).

A. Hansen, M.H. Jensen , K. Sneppen and G. Zocchi, "Statistical Mechanics of
Warm and Cold Unfodling in Proteins",  Eur. Journ. Phys. B 6, 157 (1998).

M.H. Jensen , "Multiscaling and Structure Functions in Turbulence:
An Alternative Approach",  Phys. Rev. Lett. 83, 76 (1999). (75 citations).

G. Tiana, K. Sneppen and M.H. Jensen , "Time delay as a key to Apoptosis Induction
in the p53 Network",   Eur. Journ. Phys. B 29, 135 (2002).

M.H. Jensen K. Sneppen and G. Tiana, "Sustained oscillations and time delay in
gene expression of protein Hes1",   FEBS Letters 541, 176-177 (2003).  (144 citations)

J. Ferkinghoff-Borg, M.H. Jensen , J. Mathiesen, P. Olesen and K. Sneppen, "Competition between
Diffusion and Fragmentation: An Important Evolutionary Process of Nature",   Phys. Rev. Lett. 91, 266103 (2003).

T.C. Halsey and M.H. Jensen , "Hurricanes and butterflies",   Nature 428, 127 (2004).

S. Krishna, M.H. Jensen and K. Sneppen, "Spiky oscillations in NF-kB signalling",
  Proc.Nat.Acad.Sci. 103, 10840-10845 (2006).  (153 citations)

S. Pigolotti, S. Krishna and M.H. Jensen, "Oscillation patterns in negative
feedback loops",   Proc.Nat.Acad.Sci., 104, 6533 (2007). (122 citations).

G. Tiana, S. Krishna, S. Pigolotti, M.H. Jensen and K. Sneppen, "Oscillations and
temporal signalling in cells",   Physical Biology 4, R1-R17 (2007). (116 citations).

S. Pigolotti, S. Krishna and M.H. Jensen , "Symbolic dynamics of
biological feedback networks",  Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 088710 (2009).

S. Krishna, S. Semsey and M.H. Jensen , "Frustrated bistability as a means to engineer
oscillations in biological systems",  Physical Biology 6, 3 (2009).

M.H. Jensen , S. Krishna and S. Pigolotti, "The Repressor-Lattice: Feedback, Commensurability,
and Dynamical Frustration",  Phys. Rev. Lett. 103, 118101 (2009).

J. Fonslet, C.B. Andersen, S. Krishna, S. Pigolotti, H. Yagi, Y. Goto, D. Otzen, M.H. Jensen and J. Ferkinghoff-Borg,
"Stop-and-go kinetics in amyloid fibrillation",  Phys. Rev. E (RC) 82, 010901 (2010).

P.B. Jensen, L. Pedersen, S. Krishna and M.H. Jensen , "A Wnt
Oscillator Model for Somitogenesis",  Biophys. Journ. 98, 943-950 (2010).

S. Chakraborty, M.H. Jensen , and B.S. Madsen, "Three-dimensional
turbulent relative dispersion by Gledzer-Ohkitani-Yamada shell model",  Phys.Rev.E 81, 017301 (2010).

A. Hunziker, M.H. Jensen and S. Krishna, "Stress-specific response of the
p53-Mdm2 feedback loop",  BMC Systems Biology 4, 94 (2010).

K. Sneppen, A. Trusina, M.H. Jensen and S. Bornholdt, "A minimal model for multiple
epidemics and immunity spreading",  PLoS ONE 5, e13326 (2010).

B. Mengel, A. Hunziker, L. Pedersen, A. Trusina, M.H. Jensen and S. Krishna,
"Modeling oscillatory control in NF-kB, p53 and Wnt signaling",  Current Opinion in Genetics and Development, 20, 571 (2010).

L. Pedersen, S. Krishna and M.H. Jensen, "Dkk1 - a new player in modelling the Wnt pathway", 
PLoS ONE 6, e25550 (2011).

S. Bornholdt, M.H. Jensen and K. Sneppen,
"Emergence and Decline of Scientific Paradigms",  Phys. Rev. Lett. 106, 058701 (2011).

P. Yde, B. Mengel, M.H. Jensen, S. Krishna and A. Trusina, "Modeling the NF-kappaB
mediated inflammatory response predicts cytokine waves in tissue",  BMC Systems Biology, 5, 115 (2011).

P. Yde, M.H. Jensen, and A. Trusina, "Analyzing inflammatory response as excitable media", 
Phys. Rev. E 84, 051913 (2011).

S. Pigolotti, R. Benzi, M.H. Jensen and D. Nelson, "Population Genetics in Compressible Flows",
  Phys. Rev. Lett. 108, 128102 (2012).

W. Li, S. Krishna, S. Pigolotti, N. Mitarai and M.H. Jensen, "Switching between oscillations and homeostasis
in competing negative and positive feedback motifs",  Journ. Theor. Biol. (2012).

M.H. Jensen and S. Krishna, "Inducing phase-locking and chaos in cellular oscillators
by modulating the driving stimuli",  FEBS Letters 586, 1664-1668 (2012).

N. Mitarai, Uri Alon and M.H. Jensen, "Entrainment of noise-induced
and limit cycle oscillators under weak noise"  Chaos 23, 023125 (2013).

J. Mathiesen, L. Angelutha, P.T.H. Ahlgren and M.H. Jensen, "Excitable human dynamics driven by extrinsic
events in massive communities",   PNAS, doi:10.1073/pnas.1304179110 110, 17259-17262 (2013).

S. Pigolotti, R. Benzi, P. Perlekar, M.H. Jensen, F. Toschi and D.R. Nelson "Growth, competition and
cooperation in spatial population genetics",   Theoretical Population Biology, 84, 72-86 (2013).

N.S. Rossen, J.M. Tarp, J. Mathiesen, M.H. Jensen, and L.B. Oddershede, "Long-range ordered vorticity
patterns in living tissue induced by cell division",   Nature Communications 5, 5720 (2014).

P. Tian, W. Boomsma, Y. Wang, D.E. Otzen, M.H. Jensen and K. Lindorf-Larsen, "Structure of a Functional
Amyloid Protein Computed Using Sequence Variation",   J. Am. Chem. Soc. 137, p. 22 - 25 (2015).

A. Kosmrlj, P. Cordsen, A. Kyrsting, D.E. Otzen, L.B. Oddershede and M.H. Jensen, "A monomer-trimer
model supports intermittent glucagon fibril growth",   Scientific Reports 5, 9005 (2015).

K.M. Bendtsen, M.H. Jensen, S. Krishna and Szabolcs Semsey, "The role of mRNA and protein stability
in the function of coupled positive and negative feedback systems in eukaryotic cells"   Scientific Reports 5, 13910 (2015).

T. Michaels, P.Yde, T. Michaels, J.C.W. Willis, M.H. Jensen, D.E. Otzen, C.M. Dobson, A.K. Buell, and T.P.J. Knowles,
"The length distribution of frangible filaments"   Journ. Chem. Phys. 143, 164901 (2015).

P. Tian, K. Lindorff-Larsen, W. Boomsma, M.H. Jensen, and D. E. Otzen, "A Monte Carlo study of the
early steps of functional amyloid formation"   PLoS One 11 e0146096 (2016).

A.E. Moellgaard, I. Zettler, J.H. Dammeyer, S. Lehmann, M.H. Jensen and J. Mathiesen,
"Measure of node similarity in multipayer networks"   PLoS One 11 e0157436 (2016).

M.L. Heltberg, R. Kellogg, S. Krishna, S. Tay and M.H. Jensen, "Noise-induced NF-kB Mode
Hopping Enables Temporal Gene Multiplexing" x   Cell Systems 3, 532-539 (2016).
Cover article  Cover (Arnold tongues), Cell Systems 3, Issue 6 (2016).

M.L. Heltberg, S Krishna and M.H. Jensen, "Time Correlations in Mode Hopping of Coupled Oscillators"
 J. Stat. Phys 167, 792-805 (2017).

S.B. Nissen, M. Perera, J.M. Gonzalez, S.M. Morgani, M.H. Jensen, K. Sneppen, J.M. Brickman, and A. Trusina,
 PLoS Biology 15(7): e2000737, (2017).

R. Rasmussen, M.H. Jensen and M.L. Heltberg, "Chaotic Dynamics Mediate Brain State Transitions,
Driven by Changes in Extracellular Ion Concentrations"   Cell Systems 5, 591-603 (2017).
Cover article  Cover (Chaotic Neuron Dynamics), Cell Systems 5, Issue 6 (2017).

J.S. Juul, S. Krishna and M.H. Jensen, Entrainment as a means of controlling phase waves in
populations of coupled oscillators",   Phys. Rev. E 98, 062412 (2018).

M.L. Heltberg, S. Krishna and M.H. Jensen "On Chaotic Dynamics in Transcription Factors and
the Associated Effects in Differential Gene Regulation"   Nature Communication, 10, 71 (2019).
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